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CO Bogota - Columbia

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Caroline G.

Postat de Caroline G.

în Februarie 2016

Very Good Experience!

I am studying spanish in this spanish school for t... Continuare

Jasmine F.
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Jasmine F.

în Decembrie 2015

Fantastic teachers, terrible management

Let me preface this by stating that the teachers a... Continuare

Rich H.

Postat de Rich H.

în August 2015

great x

One of my colleagues was here last year (July 2014... Continuare


Vedere de ansamblu a şcolii

Descrierea şcolii

Our School is situated in  Bogota (Chapinero Alto), a beautiful residential area. It is located  in a Colonial house specially refurbished to provide a suitable academic environment without losing its originality and style.

Spanish World Institute is very near to tourist, cultural and business areas close to homestay accommodation, recreation facilities and numerous shops,  restaurants,Gyms,Hospitals, Parks and shopping centers. The School is also easily accessible by buses from any part of the city.

Our Spanish programs are carefully structured, classes will include the functions of grammar, reading, oral comprehension, written and  speaking exercises, as well as cultural activities. Some classes will discuss various aspects of Colombian, Latin American culture and society, students will  be learning the language in the context of our culture.

Our teachers ensure that course work is relevant to our students' interests and objectives, utilizing a wide range of techniques and materials.

Course Characteristics

  • Flexible and homogeneous
  • Courses designed according to the students linguistic needs
  • Following the values of Instituto Cervantes.
  • We offer 4 levels of teaching: beginners, elementary, intermendiate and advanced
  • Teaching methods according to the students profile
  • Use of the latest academic tools such as software and methodologies.
  • Support students in volunteer work

Students can take classes for as little as one week up to an indefinite period of time.

Descrierea facilităţilor şcolii

* Classrooms properly equipped

* Video facilities

* Computers Room

* Library

* Lounge

* Small yard


↑Înapoi la început

Tipul cursului

Cursuri cu scop academic
Cursuri cu scop specific
Cursuri de pregătire pentru examen
Cursuri de pregătire pentru liceu
Cursuri de vacanţă pentru adulţi
Cursuri de vacanţă pentru tineri
Cursuri generale şi intensive
Cursuri individuale
Cursuri pentru afaceri / directori
  Experienţă lingvistică în casa profesorului
Fundaţiile universităţii / Cursuri de acces
High School
Program au pair
Programe de experienţă în muncă
Programe de grup
Programe de pregătire pentru profesori
Programe de vară sau de tabără
Programe pentru seniori
Suplimentări la cursuri (sport, cultură etc.)

Descrierea şi preţurile cursurilor

* Standard 

20 Lessons per week (60 minutes each One). Offered from beginners to  advanced.

* Intensive: 

30 Lessons per week (60 minutes each One) Offered from beginners to  advanced.

* Private Instruction:

Offered from beginners to advanced. Classes are taught according to the  students requirements.

* Combine Course (CG)

20 Lessons per week (60 minutes each One) + 4 private  classes, Offered from beginners to  advanced.

* Spanish + Cultural studies

This course is focus on the Colombian customs and culture. Offered from Intermediate to  advanced.

* Spanish + Colombian Culinary (SCC30)  This course is focus on the Colombian cuisine.

*Spanish for Executives

It is for professionals or diplomats who have been relocated and moved to Colombia and therefore need to learn the language and the culture rapidly,
tailored to the students needs.  Offered from Intermediate to  advanced.

* Spanish + Salsa (SS) Standard spanish course in the morning + 4 salsa classes

* Spanish + Excursions

This is a tailored course where students take Spanish classes in the mornings and have visits, excursions to tourist places in the afternoons organized

In the first day at Spanish World Institute, our students are given a tour through our school. We show them all our facilities ,and we tell them all the activities they will do. Besides, all students introduce themselves to each other, so they can share thoughts ans ideas and they can get to know between each other. In addition, all our students are given a map and a verb list, so then they can find important places in Bogota, and they can familiarize themselves with verbs in Spanish.

Certificate şi pregătiri pentru examene

D.E.L.E. Preparation

This course is aimed to prepare those students interested in taking the D.E.L.E. exam in any of its three levels.

Offered from Intermediate to  advanced.

Naţionalităţile studenţilor, vârsta medie şi numărul mediu de studenţi pe clasă

Spanish World Institute students' come from different countries in the world. There is a wide range of reasons why students choose Colombia as a destination to learn Spanish.

Among them, they find good opportunities to make businesses, complete their post graduate studies and travel to discorver LatinAmerican culture.

Furthermore, our students ages are varied which led us to have inclusive classes in which different points of view are displayed and encouraged to have dynamic lessons.


We organize a range of afternoon and evening activities accompanied by staff members such are pub nights, video evenings and parties, visits to theatres, concerts, restaurants,festivals, sporting events and dance clubs.


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În casa profesorului
Cămin studenţesc
Cursuri fără cazare
  Familie care găzduieşte
Garsonieră / Apartament
Hotel / Pensiune

Transport de la / la aeroport / gară

SWI  Bogotá´s school is situated in Chapinero Alto,a beautiful residential part of Bogotá Colombia. It is located in a Colonial house specially refurbished to provide a suitable academic environment without losing its originality and style.
SWI  Cartagena´s school is situated in Bocagrande, this area contains the bulk of the city's tourist facilities, such as hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and art galleries. It is located between Cartagena Bay to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west, to include El Laguito (The Little Lake) and Castillogrande (Big Castle), and 15 minutes from the wall city
Spanish World Institute has its own transfer service for students arriving at Bogota airport (El Dorado). Students are welcomed by one of the School's drivers who take them directly to their accommodation.


Spanish World Institute is close to tourist, cultural and business areas, homestay accommodation, hotels and apartments for rent, recreation facilities, parks and numerous shops and restaurants. The Spanish School is also easily accessible by buses from any part of the both cities Cartagena & Bogotá

Suport viză

We provide the acceptance letter to apply for the student visa at the colombian embassy in the origin country. 

Once the students enter into Colombia, they have 30 days to register in DAS ( Administrative Department of Security) Please note that a student visa does not authorized holders to carry other activities like working or investing. 

↑Înapoi la început

Carrera 4 A No 56 - 56 Casa Esquina
Chapinero Alto
Cod poştal : 0000
Oraş : Bogota
Ţara : Colombia

Tel : +- -
Website : http://www.maxlanguages.com/spanish-world-institute

Latest student review

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Caroline G.

Postat de Caroline G. (Zurich - Switzerland)

în Februarie 2016 - Switzerland

Very Good Experience!

I am studying spanish in this spanish school for two weeks and it is a very good experience.first there is a test you have to do and then your individual program will be prepared. that is very eficent. i like to learn in this school, because the teacher are very friendly and profesional. i am also teacher and am satisfied with spanish world insitute in cartagena. i would recommend to come here and learn spanish.

Jasmine F.
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Jasmine F. ()

în Decembrie 2015

Fantastic teachers, terrible management

Let me preface this by stating that the teachers are wonderful. Very patient, very knowledgeable. It's a shame that the director doesn't respect them, because they are the only thing the school has going for it. The director often yells at the teachers, in front of the students or within earshot. I also witnessed her yelling at a student and threatening to kick them out for querying being overcharged. She is highly unprofessional.

In regards to the classes, I was placed in a class with a group all more significantly advanced than I. I was an absolute beginner. It certainly hindered my learning and was frustrating for all involved, though the teachers were all wonderfully patient with me. Still, I didn't get as much out of the 2 weeks as I may have had I been in the correct class.

In regards to accommodation, I stayed in the student apartment. It was lovely, but I found out while there that the director rented it out on AirBnb for half the price she charged us. We were ripped off. Also, they overbooked it one night and asked a student to vacate a day early, then refused to refund for the night. As she only accepts cash there is no recourse, and it seems once she has your money she doesn't care anymore. She forgets that the students are clients. I don't know whether it's greed or incompetence.

If you have no dealings with her or nothing going wrong then you'd probably have a pleasant experience here with the teachers, but be warned, if things go wrong with the director prepare to be yelled at, and never refunded.

Rich H.

Postat de Rich H. ()

în August 2015

great x

One of my colleagues was here last year (July 2014) and recommended the program. I looked into several schools and decided to give this school a try and I´m really glad I did. As a Spanish teacher, I look for schools (I´ve been to many) that are going to challenge me at my level. Due to the size of the school and the personal touch of the director and the teachers, they worked with me to have a great experience here. If you´re looking for a school, take a look at what they have to offer. While I was here in Colombia, I went to Cartagena (Getsamani) and stopped by the other branch of the school they have there. I got the impression that it is run with the same personal touch as the school in Bogota. In addition, the area where the school is located has a lot of life. So, overall it was very positve experience.

Scott P.
  • 1 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 1 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 1 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 1 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Scott P. (Atlanta - USA)

în Martie 2015 - USA

2015 a lot has changed

After reading these reviews I must state that New World Institute in Bogota is not the same as in these old reviews. I do not want to be negative though I only want to warn you not to get trapped. I had attended only 2 days ending March 18, 2015 and realized that the director, also a teacher was completely disrespectful and dishonest with both her students and staff yelling at them at times. The environment was quite stressful. In the 2 days I attended my teacher who was excellent was fired, 2 students did not return because they were not happy. I had prepaid for a week and most of my tuition was not returned. One student had left the class room crying and the only other original student left in my class is leaving at the end of the week because he is dissatisfied. This sounds like too much to occur in 2 days but this all happened as I had witnessed it. Also beware they do not accept credit cards which means when they have your money you have no recourse. On a positive note the teacher I had was an excellent instructor.
I had studied at several schools in Bogota for short periods of time but I chose this school because it was very close to where I was living. Please be careful, I was lucky I only got taken for about $130.00 but I spoke with several students at New World Institute who prepaid for several weeks and now are trapped or may potentially forfeit their tuition. I can recommend the following schools as I had attended them all and I did not experience anything similar to what I had mentioned above and they all accept credit cards: 1. Sergio Arboleda University 2. Universidad de La Saban 3. Escuela de Espanol Nueva Lingua. Check them out and do your homework. Good luck

Ryan M.

Postat de Ryan M. (Spokane - USA)

în Decembrie 2012 - USA

Highly Recomended

I had a good experience at the SWI and learned a lot in a short amount of time. In fact, I was shocked at how much I have learned in only one week. Additionally, the activities that we had during the week were a lot of fun and allowed us to see different neighborhoods within Bogota. The staff is extremely professional and are able to immerse you in the language. I definitely plan on taking more classes the next time I am in Bogota.

Jessica B.
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 2 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Jessica B. (USA)

în Noiembrie 2012 - USA

Not for serious students

All of the professors are knowledgeable and very kind. The problem with this school is the lack of structure...they use photocopies from various books and you never know what material you will be covering each day. They also had a very tough time managing the different levels of the students and were very late every day.

Marshal G.

Postat de Marshal G. (USA)

în August 2012 - USA

Flexible, Friendly, Fun

The school is quite good, the classes are a great value, the professors and wonderful and are able to tailor their lessons to your level or your interest.

I met a number of fascinating people here and have enjoyed my time immensely.

Matt D.

Postat de Matt D. (Washington - USA)

în Iunie 2012 - USA

Strong Spanish School: Quality Teaching and Fun

Great school with good teachers, warm environment, good fellow students and a great city. Reccomend Columbia and this school in particular as a great vacation or way to learn Spanish quickly and enjoy doing so.

Edwige T.

Postat de Edwige T. (Lome - Togo)

în Iunie 2012 - Togo

Une ecole petite mais dymanique, de petits groupes pour un meilleur apprentissage de la langue, et un eñploi du temps adaptable à chacun. Idéal pour des cours intensifs et pour combiner les cours avec des activités culturelles.

Alexis M.

Postat de Alexis M. (Grand Rapids - USA)

în Mai 2012 - USA

Buena Experiencia

The teachers at SWI are very professional and well educated. Of the three Spanish language schools I´ve attended (others in Central America), the teachers here are more highly educated and able to explain Spanish grammer rules much more efficiently than teachers at the other schools. Additionally, they are all extremely personable and professional. I have enjoyed my time here and feel that after two weeks, I have improved my Spanish speaking skills.

Scott R.

Postat de Scott R. (USA)

în Aprilie 2012 - USA

Business Spanish

I met with Maria, the owner, to discuss about the potential options for individual courses. I was able to design the course and continuously adapt it to my needs for business level Spanish in Latin America. I had two different professors, interacted with other students, had the opportunity to participate in cultural activities and ultimately improve my Spanish. I recommend this school for people wanting to learn in an interesting manner.

David H.

Postat de David H. (London - United Kingdom)

în Februarie 2012 - United Kingdom

Spanish course

I attended a week long course at the Spanish World Institute in February 2012 and found the school to be well-organised and friendly. I already had some Spanish knowledge, and the course was adapted to my needs. I felt I improved a lot over the week and that this was due to the high standard of teaching. I´d definitely recommend this school.

Hamish M.

Postat de Hamish M. (Londres - United Kingdom)

în Ianuarie 2012 - United Kingdom


Great experience, very friendly teachers. The classes are well structures and progressive and i learned a great deal. would definitely recommend these guys to others. I searched around a bit for the right school and SWI was the best for me. In addition the break in the middle of the morning doesnt encroach on your study time!

Sam J.

Postat de Sam J. (Vancouver - Canada)

în Ianuarie 2012 - Canada


Spanish World Institue has very good teachers, and their classes are very reasonably priced. They are also very good about being flexible with travel plans, etc, and finding a program that is right for you and your schedule. I would recommend it.

Florentine O.

Postat de Florentine O. (Amsterdam - Netherlands)

în Ianuarie 2012 - Netherlands

De afgelopen drie weken hier op SWI waren super. Van de georganiseerde pick up vanaf het vliegveld naar mn gastgezin, tot de culturele uitstapjes met de leraren op de vrijdagen. Drie weken geleden had ik nog nooit Spaans gesproken of ook maar een les gehad. Met grammatica in de ochtenden en volcabulary in de middagen kon ik al snel deze nieuwe taal gebruiken. Oefeningen, spelletjes, films, uitstapjes in en net buiten bogota, avonden uit met de andere leerlingen, allemaal leuk en een plrezier om op meerdere manieren te leren. Nu drie weken later ga ik verder met mn Zuid Amerika reis met een nieuwe taal op zak, dankzij deze goede, leuke en vooral

Ayaz A.

Postat de Ayaz A. (Lahore - Pakistan)

în Decembrie 2011 - Pakistan

My experience of SWI

I have taken spanish classes in the evening in SWI and my experience in SWI was great. I was studing spanish as a part time student (betwen 2-6 hrs per week) as my work didn´t allow me to study spanish during the day. SWI was kind enough to accomodate me in their schedule. The quality of teaching in this institute is great, the professors give full attention to their students. I recommend this institute to anybody who would like to study spansih. Highly Recommended.

Emil C.

Postat de Emil C. (Braila - Romania)

în Decembrie 2011 - Romania

I arrived in Colombia in August 2011 to work in a project. Soon i realized that not only i need Spanish for my job, but also to interact and to enjoy my time here. SWI gave me a lot of help by teaching me the basics of the language for both my work and also to enjoy this amazing country. All the teachers are more than qualified and they were more than pacient with me. The classes were well balanced, covering all my need. I had a wonderfull time here at SWI i hope others will enjoy as well. Thank you!

Louis K.

Postat de Louis K. (Canberra - Australia)

în Decembrie 2011 - Australia


My friend and I have been studying an intensive course at SWI for a little over a week, and the experience so far has been very exciting. Before we spoke barely enough Spanish to be polite tourists, let alone converse with people we met and experience the local culture in the way that we desired. But even after a week, we have learnt so much and our travels have been greatly enriched. The cirriculum is both rigorous and fun. The school is located in a central and safe neighbourhood, which is easily accessible by bus from Candelaria. The teachers are all very qualified and intelligent, as well as eager to help you get the most out of your travels. If I return to Colombia in the future, I hope that I will again have the opportunity to study here. Thank you!

Michael H.

Postat de Michael H. (Canberra - Australia)

în Decembrie 2011 - Australia

Spanish World Institute

SWI is a fantastic school. The course we did was structured to our needs and the amount of time we had available. We were in a class of two for two weeks doing an intensive course (30h per week). It taught us the most important aspects of the language for our travel, and we were very quickly able to have very rewarding conversations with locals. The school had a very friendly environment - the teachers had coffee with us during the morning breaks and were happy to give advice about things outside of the curriculum too. Highly recommended.

Sam P.

Postat de Sam P. (New York - USA)

în Decembrie 2011 - USA

SWI has been extremely helpful in developing my language skills and making my time in Bogota enjoyable. This was the first time I had traveled alone out of the United States, and SWI has made the experience more comfortable by setting up a home stay with a wonderful family only two minutes from the school. I was very pleased with the progress I made in just one week. There is a great focus on grammar, but the most helpful part of the classes was the emphasis on conversation and speaking. I was very satisfied with my brief visit to SWI and Bogota and I highly recommend it to students.

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