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ZA Cape Town - Africa de Sud

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Irene L.

Postat de Irene L.

în Decembrie 2014

My onforgettable Kurus family

I am very glad to say, that I have been a student ... Continuare

Caroline D.

Postat de Caroline D.

în Decembrie 2014

Join Kurus - one of my best decisions ever

More than happy I am to have spent 2 wonderful mo... Continuare

Katia D.

Postat de Katia D.

în Decembrie 2013

Learning and fun!!!

It is quite dificult to find the balance between l... Continuare

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Vedere de ansamblu a şcolii


Visit our website: http://www.kurus-english.com/

Visit our facebook: www.facebook.com/Kurus.English.Language.School

Visit us on google+: https://plus.google.com/+KurusEnglish

Membră în organizaţii

Kurus English is a member of EduSASAYTC and Cape Town Tourism.

Descrierea şcolii

Kurus English is an English Language School in Cape Town, South Africa with a unique concept of learning English.

Our significant distinction from other schools, is that in addition to the General English lessons in the morning we offer practical, teacher-guided Language Excursions in the afternoon which give you the chance to meet the people of Cape Town and practice your English authentically in a real-life context.These outdoor Language Excursions replace indoor communication classes.

Descrierea facilităţilor şcolii

Professional and intensive general English tuition offered through communicative classes of no more than 8 students, with carefully selected, highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our classrooms are spacious and air-conditioned. 

We offer a unique and inspired distinction in the afternoon: our Language Excursions which promote Language, Culture and Discovery.
10 lessons of Language
Excursions per week, including language guiding, transport, entrance fees and, on certain Language Excursions, a meal or snacks and/or refreshments. 

In your breaks after lessons, refreshments are offered. 

Accommodation is booked with a carefully-selected Host Family, single room and breakfast and close to our school (max. 30 min). Student Residence, Guest House and Hotel accommodation options are available as well.

No additional and/or hidden costs; registration and administration fees
are already

Free internet access (WLAN and Desktop Computer)

Course Certificate at the end of your stay.

Our Activity Manager will assist you in finding free-time opportunities and in making arrangements for any leisure time and weekends. 

In the event of any emergency, we offer a 24h Emergency Hotline.

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Tipul cursului

Cursuri cu scop academic
Cursuri cu scop specific
Cursuri de pregătire pentru examen
Cursuri de pregătire pentru liceu
Cursuri de vacanţă pentru adulţi
Cursuri de vacanţă pentru tineri
Cursuri generale şi intensive
Cursuri individuale
Cursuri pentru afaceri / directori
  Experienţă lingvistică în casa profesorului
Fundaţiile universităţii / Cursuri de acces
High School
Program au pair
Programe de experienţă în muncă
Programe de grup
Programe de pregătire pentru profesori
Programe de vară sau de tabără
Programe pentru seniori
Suplimentări la cursuri (sport, cultură etc.)

Descrierea şi preţurile cursurilor

Our Programmes:

Opportunity 1: General English (20 lessons)
20 lessons: General English: Grammar and Skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary development.

Opportunity 2: General Intensive English (30 lessons)
20 lessons: General English
10 lessons: Communication Class (classroom based)

Opportunity 3: Language Culture Discovery  (30 lessons)

20 lessons: General English
10 lessons: Language Excursions: experiental communication lessons outside the classroom, encountering the diverse people of Cape Town.

Opportunity 4: Language Culture Discovery + Private (34 lessons)
20 lessons: General English
10 lessons: Language Excursions (outside of the classroom)
4 lessons: Private Lessons (one-to-one for e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Business English) 

Opportunity 5: Business English (30 lessons)
20 lessons: General English
10 lessons: Private Lessons Business English (also suitable for e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC)
Opportunity 6: Examination Preparation (FCE, CAE, CPE) (32 lessons)
20 lessons: General English
8 lessons: Exam Preparation (FCE, CAE, CPE)
4 lessons: Language Excursions

Opportunity 7: Tailor-Made Programme

Kurus English provides Tailor-Made Programmes for companies, governmental groups or for whomever may require them. They are designed individually and start and end as requested.

Included in course bookings:

- Welcome reception
- Course material (Original Student and Workbook)
- Free internet access
- Accommodation placement
- Refreshments during lesson intervals
- Course Certificate at the end of your stay
- Registration and administration fees

Certificate şi pregătiri pentru examene

Kurus English offers Examination Preparation for:

Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE),
Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE),
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

For IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC we recommend our Programme: Opportunity 4 & Opportunity 5.

Naţionalităţile studenţilor, vârsta medie şi numărul mediu de studenţi pe clasă

We warmly welcome students all over the world aged 18 years and over.
Cape Town is famous for its cultural diversity, which we try to reflect in our classrooms as well.

Our lessons are of 50 minutes duration.
There is a maximum of 8 students per class. In average 4 students per classroom.


Our Activity Manager will assist you in finding free-time opportunities and in making arrangements for any leisure time and weekends.


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În casa profesorului
Cămin studenţesc
Cursuri fără cazare
  Familie care găzduieşte
Garsonieră / Apartament
Hotel / Pensiune

Suport viză

We are pleased to assist you with the application for your visa.

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Kurus English
70 Wale Street
Cod poştal : 8001
Oraş : Cape Town
Ţara : South Africa

Tel : +27 21 426 46 06
Fax : +27 86 56 859 05
Website : http://www.kurus-english.com

Latest student review

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Irene L.

Postat de Irene L. (Zofingen - Switzerland)

în Decembrie 2014 - Switzerland

My onforgettable Kurus family

I am very glad to say, that I have been a student at Kurus English. I had such a great time in Cape Town, especially at the school of Kurus English. I would really love to come back again, who knows!
Love and huge hug, Irėne

Caroline D.

Postat de Caroline D. (Niederrohrdorf - Switzerland)

în Decembrie 2014 - Switzerland

Join Kurus - one of my best decisions ever

More than happy I am to have spent 2 wonderful months in Cape Town and at Kurus English. It was particularly for the language excursions they conduct in addition to classes that I had chosen this institute, and they in fact turned out to be amazing and offered a welcomed insight to many of CT's and SA's sites and aspects.
And during classes, I could definitely profit from my professional, motivational and humorous teachers, who prepared me best for my Cambridge Advanced Exam. I am really excited about the lessons and warmly recommend this small but precious school to any future students of any age. The whole Kurus team was like a fantastic family for me and my fellow students. Thanks a million times for having made my stay an unforgettable experience. Wish KURUS further great success.

Katia D.

Postat de Katia D. (Barrnquilla - Colombia)

în Decembrie 2013 - Colombia

Learning and fun!!!

It is quite dificult to find the balance between learning and fun. However, in my experience in Kurus English one could say they really have created that balance. It was very interesting to see how the language excursions work - integrating the language with the culture and the reality of the country. It was a great learning experience and also different. Kurus English has a very profesional adminstrative team and a highly qualified teachers team who make all that possible.

Edrien S.

Postat de Edrien S. (Mannheim - Germany)

în Septembrie 2012 - Germany

It was a great time!

The English school was very interesting in terms of the excursions in both weeks. We learned a lot about the culture and the food in South Africa which made the trip so manifold.
I totaly recommend this English school and if I had the chance to do it again, I would definitely do it again!

Martin W.

Postat de Martin W. (Germany)

în Septembrie 2012 - Germany


I did a two weeks language course there and it was just awesome. The country, the excursions and the the people there were very opened. Its made up with a very good concept. So i can just recommand this language trip to everyone!

Jan R.

Postat de Jan R. (Groß-Gerau - Germany)

în Septembrie 2012 - Germany

What an awsome Experience

I just had a 2 week stay in Cape Town including a 2 week improving english course. And i can tell you I just saw so many things i met so many awsome people and i just enjoyed th whole time with the Kurus English guys. If you want to experience Cape Town you have to visit Kurus!!!!!!

Monica S.

Postat de Monica S. (Madrid - Spain)

în Iunie 2012 - Spain

Join to this School!

Do you want to know WHY??? I can say that it has been a very good experience for me... Teachears, manager and assitant are really professionals and if you want to learn, you will get improve your english...but the most important for me it is they are very human people and they help you with any problem you can find in this country..It is a very friendly school!!!

Jonny Z.

Postat de Jonny Z. (Germany)

în Mai 2012 - Germany

I d love to stay longer but unfortenaly....

First of all was Gavin, he made me feel good on this school. the way he are teaching is absolutely fantastic. His sensitivity and patience is unbelievable.

I hope see all of you soon!

Wish you the best!

Elisabeth G.

Postat de Elisabeth G. (Bad Soden-Salmünster - )

în Aprilie 2012

Cape Town -for me- A Cape of good memories

When I went to Cape Town I had a couple of exceptions how it should be.
And Kurus English exceeded all of them.
I went there to learn something about the culture, the people who living there ,Traditions and so on and not at least to improve my English.
In Kurus English we learned English while we having fun either with the teachers or other members of Kurus English, the people we visited on our excursions and the guys from coffee beans routes.
So it was very easy to improve our English in such a nice atmosphere and in such a nice country.
Also the language excursions in the afternoons were very helpful to learn to speak English and to understood the different kind of meanings a sentence can have in the right way.
At leaste i just can say thank you to Kurus English for helping to get self-confidence by speaking English !!

Julia F.

Postat de Julia F. (Biberach - Germany)

în Aprilie 2012 - Germany

Amazing time!! Many experiences!

We really had a great time at school. All the teachers are really friendly and helpful! We were able to learn a lot about the South African culture und history by attending the language excursions!!! I really recommend this school to all of you!

Michael P.

Postat de Michael P. (Hannover - Germany)

în Aprilie 2012 - Germany

2 wonderfull weeks!!!

The concept of Kurus English is fantastic.
This 2 weeks with lessions at the morning and daily excursions to different people and places provide an ideal blend of theory and practice.
The activities around the classroom made the 2 weeks to an unforgetable time of my life.

Thanks to the whole Kurus English team for this wonderful 2 weeks. It was not the last time I visited you!

Lovely Greatings from Germany

Anja M.

Postat de Anja M. (Kassel - Germany)

în Martie 2012 - Germany

Great time in Cape Town! :)

Kurus English offered our group of 12 people an excellent time in Cape Town.

Additionally to great "indoor classes" where we dealed with grammar, skills and of course a lot of talking, they offered the opportunity to do language excursions, which means we could get in touch with a lot of South African people and we also saw almost "every side" of Cape Town. :)

The team was great, very welcoming and we could always come to them:)

So I definitely will recommend this school! And thank you, Kurus English, for this wonderful time!

Marc B.

Postat de Marc B. (Germany)

în Martie 2012 - Germany

Great Time

It was my second time in Cape Town as well with Kurus English. And I can strongly recommend this school because of the well prepared and kind teachers and also because of the amazing language excursions.

Critelli C.

Postat de Critelli C. (Zurich - Switzerland)

în Martie 2012 - Switzerland

Best quality and choise ever...

I can highly recommend Kurus English to everyone who is looking for a professional and high standard school. The teachers and everyone who is working for Kurus are just great! After 8 weeks my English is well advanced. The language excursions, gave me the opportunity to discover the culture and history of this beautiful city. I'm more than grateful for this experience and I'm coming back for sure! All the best and lots of success to the lovely Kurus-Family!

Mathieu L.

Postat de Mathieu L. (Paris - France)

în Martie 2012 - France

A French in Cape Town

A week spent with Kurus and it is already finished... I have spent a crazy week with a group of German Girls and a fantastic team of teachers. I felt like in a family here.

I improved my English a lot but I still work to correct my french accent, so... I'll be back ^^

Thanks for all Diana, Angie, Jess, Gavin, Johannes and Iain.


Tim B.

Postat de Tim B. (Germany)

în Februarie 2012 - Germany

Best Time In My Life!!!!

The last two weeks i was in cape town kurus english school. best english teacher I've ever had. great activities, nice "family" and lot of fun. the combination with in class and out class teaching was the best experience to improve your english.

now i'm back in germany and my main important aim for the next time is to look, when i will fly back to cape town and kurus!!!!

Thanks a lot for this incredible two weeks!!!

Wiebke H.

Postat de Wiebke H. (Germany)

în Februarie 2012 - Germany

Time of my Life

I spend two weeks in Cape Town and I have to say, that two weeks aren't enough to see everything. Before I came to Cape Town, I hated English as a subject in school, but when I visited the Kurus-English-school in Cape Town, this Feeling changed completly. I loved to speak and to talk in English. The teachers are very friendly and supported me to improve my English. The lessons are very interesting and the the school is very well organised! The language excursions gave opportunities to talk to native speakers, which helped me a lot to understand cultural and historical aspects of South Africa better. Thank you: Kurus English for this fantastic and awesome time in Cape Town. Hope, that I have the chance to come back! I really enjoyed the best time of my life in Cape Town! Thank You!

Eugen S.

Postat de Eugen S. (Russia)

în Februarie 2012 - Russia

Great Experience!

I was in Cape Town for 2 Weeks and this time was awesome!!!
The school is organized very well!
The lessons are prepared very well and I learned to speak the everyday english!
The excursions were great!
If you are coming to Cape Town, take more time with you! more than 2 Weeks!!!
There are many opertunities to enjoy your leisure time (Kloofing, Sandboarding, Quadbiking, Safari). To summerize: It was my best experience ever!!!
Thanks for all!!!

Gabriela S.

Postat de Gabriela S. (NIterói - Brazil)

în Februarie 2012 - Brazil

Cape Town

Thanks for everything! You guys are awesome and you have a great team working together! I had the best time here in Cape Town, and I'll come back for sure! I wish I could be here for more than 4 weeks....:/ It was amazing the experience of living and studying in a different country with great people and a wonderful culture.


I LOVE Cape Town!


Marek W.

Postat de Marek W. (Poland)

în Decembrie 2011 - Poland

2 weeks in Cape Town / at Kurus English

Thank to Kurus English.

It is a wonderful school with professional and authentic teachers.
The mix between lessons in the classroom and excursions at the afternoon helped me alot to improve my english.
I assembled also new experiences at the excursions.

I highly recommend this language school

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