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PA Bocas Del Toro - Panama

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Sasi E.

Postat de Sasi E.

în Decembrie 2016

Learn spanish at the best spanish school and make a great life experience

I've heard about Habla Ya Spanish Schools through ... Continuare

Corinne G.

Postat de Corinne G.

în Decembrie 2016

Fantastic experience !

I spent 4 weeks in September 2016 in Habla Ya scho... Continuare

Johnny R.

Postat de Johnny R.

în Octombrie 2016

We loved it!

During the summer of 2016 I enrolled in classes wi... Continuare


9th Street and G Avenue
Colon Island
Cod poştal : 0101
Oraş : Bocas del Toro
Ţara : Panama

Tel : +507 730-8344
Latest student review

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Sasi E.

Postat de Sasi E. ()

în Decembrie 2016

Learn spanish at the best spanish school and make a great life experience

I've heard about Habla Ya Spanish Schools through the Internet. It had some good reviews so I decided to give it a try. I went to the Habla Ya School in Bocas del Toro and I took some private classes for two weeks. I had two different teachers and both were really friendly and professional. I could see that they like teaching, they had some fun games to organise the classes more creative. In private classes, it's easier to focus on what you specifically need if you already know some spanish like me. Now I can say, that I really learned what I needed to and I improved a lot. Besides that, I had a lot of fun during classes and I never was bored. Though I was taking private lessons, I had the possibilty to get to know the other students thanks to the activities offered at Habla Ya every day. From monday to sunday they offer different activities, for example tours to different places, riding the bike to the next beach, conversation classes for free with the teachers, sportive activities (Salsa dancing classes, Martial Arts,...) and many more. One activity I won't forget was the Catamaran Tour. We were about 20 people on a big Catamaran with good music, the whole evening dancing and having fun :) But I also liked the relaxed times, just hanging out with other students or going to eat somewhere. Bocas is a nice little town where you can find everything on the main street. Just one thing annoyed me was that I had to go to the bank about 3 times until I got some money. Sometimes on sundays the bank there runs out of money and you have to wait until the next day to get some. So my advice is, go to the bank early enough! But with every other issues or question I had, the guys at the reception at Habla Ya helped me a lot. I made my placement test with a guy called Ludo. He explained me everything about the islands very well and he could answer all my questions. In total I can say, Habla Ya Spanish school in Bocas is a very professional school which I can totally recommend, not the bank though :P

Corinne G.

Postat de Corinne G. (Switzerland)

în Decembrie 2016 - Switzerland

Fantastic experience !

I spent 4 weeks in September 2016 in Habla Ya school in Bocas del Toro. I have really apreciate the quality of the spanish lessons and the great atmosphere at school. The location is ideal at walking distance of the center town. in a quiet and secure area. I especially love to take the boats to visit the islands around. There are just beautiful. It is a great place to learn spanish !!!

Johnny R.

Postat de Johnny R. ()

în Octombrie 2016

We loved it!

During the summer of 2016 I enrolled in classes with my girlfriend. Our first impression of the campus was very positive. The staff at reception was very accommodating toward our budget and we loved the options. We took a small group session and were matched with our teacher Ricardo. He went above and beyond to help us gain a comprehensive understanding of the Spanish language and the regional dialect. We also loved engaging in all of the activities offered by the school. Over two months we explored many things that the archipelago has to offer and even toward the end we felt like we were discovering new stuff to do daily. I love surfing and there are many great spots all over the islands. As far as the learning style of the program goes, it is catered toward any level and is very well executed. We definitely learned and improved our Spanish language skills in the program. The one regret we have is not doing a home stay with a host family. We felt that full immersion is the best way to go to gain the most out of the opportunity. One of the most impactful things with our experience was the relationships we formed with the people and staff. We truly are thankful for our friendships we formed with Carlos and Ludo. They are the best!
If you feel so inclined there are also volunteer opportunities. We took part in launching the Bocas Permaculture Project. It is a gardening project aimed to assist and educate the people of Bocas on sustainable gardening by providing self-wicking garden beds to those in need. Please check it out.
This school is very very good and individuals from all walks of life will in enjoy it. We went to school in Bocas, but also visited Boquete and Panama City. I can confidently say you will have a positive experience at any HablaYa campus. Highly recommend.

Heather W.

Postat de Heather W. (Breckenridge - USA)

în Octombrie 2016 - USA

BEST SPANISH SCHOOL! BEST TEACHERS AND STAFF!!! Truly an experience of a lifetime!!!

My boyfriend and I decided to take time off work, and travel to Panama. We really wanted to improve our Spanish and meet people while we were there. We started our trip and decided out of all the schools and language programs available, that we wanted to go to Habla Ya. We were on a tight budget since we were going to not be working for three months, but we still really wanted to learn Spanish. After going to the reception and talking to Carlos, we decided that Habla Ya was the perfect fit for us. He gave us many options of programs we could enroll in that would fit our budget, and allow us to have free time to explore the archipelago, as well as be the most beneficial to us. We decided to do mini group lessons, and they were GREAT! Our teacher was Ricardo, and he was excellent. He helped us learn very quickly and was so helpful with improving our speaking and conversational Spanish. We were honestly astonished by the amount we learned in just 5 weeks of 3 days a week at Habla Ya! My boyfriend has taken Spanish classes for almost ten years in the United States and had the hardest time learning the language because of the way it is taught there, and by the end of this course he was speaking with people in Spanish and now he is confident in starting conversations with native Spanish speakers. I had taken around 3 years of Spanish in the United States and feel equally as confident in my Spanish. The classes are taught in ways that it is easy to learn and retain the language. We even bought book for the next level to take with us so we can continue studying! The organized school activities are so fun, like bonfires, volleyball , sancocho soup night, and more, and they give you great opportunities to practice your Spanish with all of the students and teachers in the school, and get to know people from all over the world. We volunteered with Ludo and helped him with a garden project that he had been wanting to start. It was so much fun volunteering and getting to know the staff at Habla Ya in Bocas. Carlos, Ludo, and Ricardo are so nice and helpful, and made our experience great and unforgettable. We have been and will continue to recommend people to attend Habla Ya, because we had such an amazing time!

Mélanie B.

Postat de Mélanie B. ()

în Septembrie 2016

Best school of Spanish!!

I LOVED the experience this school gave me. Everything was amazing from the beginning until the end of my stay. They choose the perfect home stay family for me and the professors became my friends. I learned so fast that I reached the level B2+ in 4 month starting everything from scratch there in Habla Ya. I really enjoyed every single moment in this school and if I have to improve more my spanish one day, I would definitely return there and in no other spanish school. They just make you feel like you're home!

Tamara K.

Postat de Tamara K. ()

în Martie 2016

My experience at Habla Ya

I spent 6 weeks in Bocas at Habla Ya and it was a great experience. I went to School every day for 4 hours. I felt totaly welcome from the first Moment. It's just a very relaxed and family-like atmosphere.
I loved the classes with my teacher Kimberly. Classes with her were very varied and funny. I've learned a lot with her explications and the hours of conversation. Kimberly was always available for questions after class and was open to just hanging out and speaking Spanish.
I also really enjoyed the activities the school offers. Everyday there are activities, the school organizes.
I really loved my time in Bocas and I would defenitly recommend it to everyone

Forrest H.

Postat de Forrest H. (Alpharetta - USA)

în Noiembrie 2015 - USA

Best Spanish Instruction I have Ever Received!

I spent two weeks at Habla Ya (Bocas del Toro) in May and learned so much during my time there. I paid the extra money for private lessons and it was totally worth it. My two instructors, Malkidia and Ezequiel, were the most gracious, professional teachers I have ever had. They really cared that I learned the material, and I never felt that that they were just doing a "job". It always felt like they wanted to be there and wanted to help me learn.
The instructors at Habla Ya are not just native speakers, they are native speakers who have been trained in Spanish education. I believe every instructor had a degree that related to Spanish instruction. This was very valuable to me as I was already conversant and my questions were beyond the beginner level. On my first day at the school, Malkidia answered a question for me about the proper use of direct objects that no native speaker in the US had been able to help me with. The staff is so friendly and engaging. They were always available for questions after class and were open to just hanging out and speaking Spanish. By the time I left, I felt like I was friends with everyone there and was truly sad to leave.

Eileen E.

Postat de Eileen E. (Baltimore - )

în Noiembrie 2014

Gran Experiencia en Bocas y Habla Ya

¡Hola! Tuve una gran experiencia en la escuela de Habla Ya en Bocas del Toro. Quedé en Bocas por 3 semanas, Ezequiel y Christopher fueron mis maestros. ¡Ellos eran estupendos! Cada día los maestros nos enseñaron por lecturas, lecciones de gramática, escrituras, videos interesantes, pero la mejor parte fue las conversaciones. Las clases eran pequeños con 2 a 5 estudiantes y pudimos hablar de muchas temas diferentes. Ezequiel y Christopher hablaron con nosotras sobre temas interesantes y ellos nos dieron bastante vocabulario para expresar nuestras opiniones de muchas cosas. Me encantaban las clases de Habla Ya y mis maestros. ¡Si esta buscando una escuela para aprender lo mejor español Habla Ya es lo mejor lugar para usted!

Cheryl N.

Postat de Cheryl N. (San Francisco - )

în Noiembrie 2014

Excellent School and Excellent Teachers

I studied for four weeks in Boquete and two weeks in Bocas, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Habla Ya. Facilites, classes, activities, home stays- all were excellent. I have been to other language schools, and Habla Ya is top notch.

Moritz E.

Postat de Moritz E. (Vienna - Austria)

în Septembrie 2014 - Austria

Great experience... do it!!!

I spent 6 weeks in Habla Ya on Bocas del Toro and I have to say that it was on of the best experiences I've ever made. Bocas is an amazing place and totaly worth visiting it.
I attended the Habla Ya language school during my whole stay and it was defenitly the right decision. I felt totaly welcome from the first moment on when they picked me up at the airport. It's just a very relaxed and family-like atmosphere. But though I have to say that I improved my spanish a lot more in these six weeks then I expected. When I arrived in Bocas I felt very unsecure speaking spanish and my grammar and vocablary knowledge was almost not existing but I felt the improve every single day. Now I feel secure speaking it and love to conversate in spanish with other people.
I had three different teachers during my stay, Itzy, Ezequiel and Christopher. All of them were very good teachers and I really enjoyed my classes with them. When I arrived I started in B2 but I felt that the nivel was a bit to high for me. So I talked to the office and without any problems it was possible for me to change my class to A2. After my six weeks I left the school again at B2 and now I really feel like I deserve to be there.
I also really enjoyed the activities the school offers. Everyday there are activities, the school organizes, you can attend to spend your free time with other students exploring the island. All in all it was one of the best holidays of my life and I would defenitly recommend it to everyone.

Denis A.

Postat de Denis A. (Los Angeles - )

în Septembrie 2014

HablaYa - a dream in Bocas

The school is fantastic. I've spent an awesome month in Bocas learning spanish. In this place you do both: resting and chilling on beautiful beaches and improve your language skills very fast because you study at least 4 hours a day, but these 4 hours feels like 30 minutes. All teachers are amazing. I want to mention one of them - Ezequiel. He was my teacher. He is just perfect. Not only because he is good in teaching spanish but also because he becomes a good friend who shows you where to go and what to do in Bocas. We spent much time out of classes together talking and having fun which helped me a lot with spanish. After 1 month I've improved my level from elementary to almost upper-intermediate. Other words, i am completely satisfied of the school and classes.

Wouter H.

Postat de Wouter H. (Utrecht - )

în Februarie 2014

An amazing language experience in Bocas del Toro

I have studied Spanish at Habla Ya in Bocas del Toro for five weeks. It was an amazing experience which has given me the opportunity to learn Spanish and Panamanian culture well. I would like to give a special thanks to my teacher Eziquiel. If you consider going to study at Habla Ya I would definitely recommend him. He makes you feel comfortable learning a new language and explains things well untill you really understand it. Moreover, he makes learning Spanish fun which makes it easy to learn. Lastly, studying at Habla Ya was a great experience due to the great, professional organization of classes and activities. I had a great time. Thank you Habla Ya!!

Rumana H.

Postat de Rumana H. (San Francisco - USA)

în Ianuarie 2014 - USA

exceptional environment & teachers

I couldn't speak more highly of my experience with Habla Ya. I took only 1.5 weeks of classes (Intermediate 1) and I definitely wanted MORE!

Before choosing Habla Ya (or Panama, really), I explored severalSpanish language schools online, and initiated conversations with several. In prior years, I had taken semi-private lessons in short stints in Mexico City and in La Paz, Bolivia, and based on those experiences, I knew I wanted something on the more structured side of things.

Habla Ya impressed me right from the start - from the online placementtest, to the phone call I received the day after I submitted my interest. I found the initiation to be extremely supportive, helpful, professional and prompt.

And my Habla Ya classroom experience exceeded my expectations. First, I made it to Bocas barely one hour before my first class was meant to begin - the office staff were accommodating and helpful (getting me water, ensuring a safe/trustworthy environment for me to just leave all my belongings while I went to class).

My teacher, Diogenes, was exceptional. He began by understanding my learning goals and my learning style (e.g. do I like to be corrected along the way as I'm speaking or at the end?). Then he shared some things about his style and asked my permission to make some changes to our schedule (I was there over the two weeks of Christmas & New Year).

Diogenes created a super-relaxed, yet well-paced environment encouraging of risk-taking and free of pressure. He is incredibly patient, quite funny, and enthusiastic about his own learning (which created fun opportunities for me to try to explain English phrases in Spanish), all of which resulted in an incredible setting for me.

We would start each class just by chatting, storytelling. This allowed us to make a great connection with each other, and for me to practice conversations as I might actually have with my friends (versus awkward formal rote conversations I had in prior classes with teachers I knew nothing about and with whom I didn't feel comfortable being open about myself). He also used various games/activities and we even went for a walk during one of our classes... all methods to keep things interesting and nurture various styles of learning/reinforcement.

I can't say enough about my experience with Habla Ya & Diogenes - HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Riet G.

Postat de Riet G. (Jette - Belgium)

în Decembrie 2013 - Belgium

3 awesome weeks in Bocas

I studied for 3 weeks at Habla Ya and I had the most amazing experience studying and having a relaxing vacation at the same time!!! I really would like to thank to Gilberto, who was my teacher during the first two weeks. It was a pleasure to be tought by somebody that motivated, patient and funny. His classes were awesome. We really learned a lot and had so much fun at the same time. Best teacher ever!! I also would really like to thank the lovely Adriana, my teacher in my last week, another great teacher as well. It really got me to the conlusion that I want to go back to study more Spanish with these great people. I can also highly recommend a home stay in Bocas, my family there really made me feel like I was a part of it. Thank you Habla Ya, hasto luego! :)

Latwaña P.

Postat de Latwaña P. (New York - )

în Noiembrie 2013

Mi segundo hogar

En Julio de 2013 asiste a Habla Ya durante un mes entero. Yo tenia un profesor increible. El profesor Eziquiel es muy listo, gracioso, paciente y compasivo. todos los ingredientes necesarios para ser un gran maestro. He venido a Hable Ya a ganar confianza en hablar espanol y que es exactamente lo que he obtenido en el Profesor ezequiel clase. Me asegura y me explica que es normal para hacer errores, que es la unica forma de aprender. Yo confiaba en el y mis habilidades. Mi objetivo era ser capaz de hablar con mi familia y amigos en espanol con confianza y me siento feliz de decir que he logrado mi objetivo con la ayuda de una gran motivador.

Carl B.

Postat de Carl B. (Milwaukee - )

în Noiembrie 2013

7 Weeks in Bocas

After spending seven weeks in Bocas while attending Habla Ya Spanish School I have been able to sort out both some pros and of cons the school and the island itself. I also have thrown in quite a few of my personal opinions.
The best part about Habla Ya in Bocas is the teachers. They are some of the most sociable people I have ever met yet all have very different personalities. There are some who speak English fluently and others who have never taken an English class in their life (Or so it seems). Some teachers are done teaching when the clock hits noon while others will randomly show up at your house on Saturday and ask if you want to go to the beach with them. The Bocas School is definitely very tight knit with many friendly, yet professional, relationships being formed. I really appreciated that the teachers who are often the same age as the students, kept a professional demeanor with the students even at the bars on the weekends. At the same time, they never once ignored or excluded an Habla Ya student when out on the weekends. I'm about as Gringo as they come and I always felt like I had a solid foundation of people I could trust in Bocas because of the Habla Ya staff. I also thought that it was cool that some teachers actually LIVE at the school. Not only is it nice that the school (and wifi) is open 24/7 but it also give a chance to interact with the teachers on a personal level (In Spanish of course).
I highly suggest taking advantage of the free activities at Habla Ya such as movie night, salsa lessons, and conversational Spanish. When I came to Bocas, I could not understand individual words if a native Panamanian spoke to me. By watching movies, and listening to songs, I was able to differentiate individual words within three weeks. I might not have known all the words in a quick sentence but at least I had gained an "Ear" for the Spanish Language.
Just as I highly encourage the free weekend activities, I highly discourage going to the bars on the weekdays in Bocas. (This applies to long term students mostly) My view/opinion is that if you have come to Bocas to learn Spanish then make it a priority because you can go to the bars all you want when you go back home. There is nothing worse, for both the student and the teacher, than to come to class hung-over. It is very hard to concentrate and also frustrates the teachers who what you to succeed.
Bocas is very nice if you can find the right places to go. A lot of the best beaches (In my opinion) are not near the city. That said, I went swimming many times to the dirty "Beach" next to the ferry dock with the kids from my homestay. The local kids didn't mind the trash (Which is a real problem in Bocas) so neither did I. This brings me to my last point of review.
I HIGHLY recommend a homestay while studying Spanish here. I have hardly met nicer people and they were always so happy and willing to talk to me. They patiently listened to me blubbler along in Spanish while offering gentle corrections. I felt almost a part of the Marcado family by the time I left and would not have traded that experience for anything.

Sophie R.

Postat de Sophie R. (zürich - Switzerland)

în Octombrie 2013 - Switzerland

gracias habla ya !!!

hola chicos. quiero decirle gracias a todas las personas de habla ya. tuve un tiempo muy bueno ahi. mi profesor fue christopher y es muy amable y me enseno mucho espanol. el hizo las clases muy divertidas. ademas me gusta la organizacion de la escuela y el pueblo bocas dell toro con todas las playas lindas. yo recomiendo hablya ya a todos :-):-)

Rodolfo J.

Postat de Rodolfo J. (Canada)

în Octombrie 2013 - Canada

Habla Ya el mejor!

I went to that beautiful place called Bocas del Toro in 2011 and took spanish lessons in Habla Ya for nearly a month. I have to admit that this little school was an excellent way to learn spanish whilst enjoying tropical temperatures, palms and amazing beaches. At this point i would like to mention my teacher Christopher who is a great young and very motivated part of the great habla ya stuff. I really did enjoy his classes thanks to a different teaching methods every day and some very nice classmates from all over the world. Not only did I enjoy Chistopher’s Spanish classes but also the salsa and dancing classes he gave in Habla Ya. It was a great experience and all in all Bocas del Toro is the perfect place to learn Spanish and have some relaxing vacation at the same time.

Lisa M.

Postat de Lisa M. ()

în Octombrie 2013

Excellent Experience

Hey guys i visited habla ya in bocas del toro for a few weeks and had the pleasure of being teached by christopher clark - one of the best teachers i've ever met! a friendly, young but very experienced guy who knows how to teach. thanks to him i improved my spanish a lot and can finally understand all the grammar no other teacher ever was able to make me understand. the classes were strict but funny at the same time and i always felt very comfortable even if i didn't know the exact anywer. we did a lot of diferent things in class like little games, audios, reading and speaking to be able to use our spanish in every part of life. apart from that christopher's manner of teaching he was always foculized on make us understand everything before going on with the next topic.furthermore the amount of homework was reasonable and so that i still could enjoy my trip AND study at the same time. what i also liked a lot is that we were never more than 5 people in class so one couldnt get bored because we all had the same level of spanish and could share our knowledge. i really recommend habla ya in bocas del toro to everyone who loves the beaches just like i do and i really recommend you christopher as a teacher if you are interested in making the best out of your spanisch level.

Lisa K.

Postat de Lisa K. (San Diego - USA)

în August 2013 - USA

Amazing school, great experience.

I didn't know what to expect when I arrived on my own to Bocas in June 2013. But I was very pleasantly surprised and quite sad to leave when I left 3 weeks later. It was an amazing experience, both with learning at the school and also living and enjoying life in Bocas. I was fortunate to meet many amazing people from all over the world and enjoyed getting to know local Panamian culture as well. I did a homestay with a wonderful local woman and was treated like one of her own. I enjoyed many hours of conversation, eating and playing cards with her.
As far as the school, I did the Core 4 +1 program, meaning I had 4 hours a day of group lesson with 1 additional hour of private lession. Prior to coming to Bocas I had never taken a formal spanish class and only knew basic spanish phrases and words. After 3 weeks there, my grasp of the language was expotentially better (therein also realizing how much more I needed to learn!). I was carrying on full conversations with my teachers and understanding 90% of what they said to me. My teachers, Diogenes and Abelardo, were both amazing. Both employed multiple methods and skills in their teaching styles that made the classes interesting and productive. Their patience and gentle correction was much appreciated as well. Several times during the visit I felt myself becoming overwhelmed during class but they consistantly reassured me and encouraged me. My biggest regret was that I didn't stay longer. I can't wait to continue my spanish learning journey!

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