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MT Floriana - Malta

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Machiko N.

Postat de Machiko N.

în Februarie 2015

Mediterranean Jewel

I studied in Malta at Future Focus in November and... Continuare

Daniel D.

Postat de Daniel D.

în Octombrie 2014


In April 2014 I have left Italy to have new possib... Continuare

Angelica C.

Postat de Angelica C.

în Februarie 2014


It is my first English course and my experience wi... Continuare


Future Focus Ltd,
Magazines Street
Cod poştal : FRN1119
Oraş : Floriana
Ţara : Malta

Tel : +356 21 225884
Fax : +356 21 221371
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Machiko N.

Postat de Machiko N. (nagano - Japan)

în Februarie 2015 - Japan

Mediterranean Jewel

I studied in Malta at Future Focus in November and December.The teacher was very good kind and gave me alot of personal attention. The location of school is very close to the capital city and the school is a beautiful converted old town house. Malta, I love you, and Future Focus I love you too. I want to come back to Malta!

Daniel D.

Postat de Daniel D. (BIELLA - Italy)

în Octombrie 2014 - Italy


In April 2014 I have left Italy to have new possibilies. When arrived in Malta I didn't speak English, and I didn't know the labor market abroad. Thank's to help of FutureFocus LTD, my life is improved. With their skills and organization you can learn a lot of things and improve yourself. I still have good memories of their kindness and availability.
Daniel Del Degan.

Angelica C.

Postat de Angelica C. (Italy)

în Februarie 2014 - Italy


It is my first English course and my experience with Future Focus is been fantastic.
The teacher was very competent and he adapted the lessons to my needs to fill my gaps.

thank you for your support!

Filippo A.

Postat de Filippo A. (Padua - Italy)

în Septembrie 2013 - Italy

English course experience

this is the first time we have been a course one-to-two and at the end our experience with Future Focus is been fantastic.
our teacher was very competent and kind.
all the staff of the school too.

thank you for your support and kindness.

Filippo and silvia

Janez T.

Postat de Janez T. (Ljubljana - Slovenia)

în August 2013 - Slovenia

Good school

At Future Focus language school I got more than I have expected. My expectation was not high, when we decided for family course, as my younger one is a beginner and older has learned three years of english in the school. Mostly we expected just vacation on Mlata with some hours of English.

But they organized the course in the way, that the younger got a young teacher, who was able to motivate her to learned some basics of the language and the older got the teacher from Ireland, so she can first time heard someone who is native speaker of English.

Both teachers were great and they knew how to encourage them to learn. I do not know whether it was a coincidence or not, but classes were very small (four students in the class of older and younger learned all the time one-on-one, as there were no other beginner), which dramatically increased the effects of the course.
I should thanks both teacher Brandon and Katja for their efforts.

Paola S.

Postat de Paola S. (Lamezia terme - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

Mediterranean fascinate

I arrived in Malta to study english and to enrich myself.
I chose Malta because for me it's a nice island and than because I'm fascinate for its Mediterranean culture and climate and also because for my studies and for my interest in art and cultural heritage I think that this island is more rich in history, so I like it!
My experience at Future Focus was a very nice and enjoyable. The experience was fun and great with my friends and with the teacher.
I'm sure by the end of this time I will miss this island, all my friends and all the Future Focus's staff.
So... see you soon Malta!

Francesco P.

Postat de Francesco P. (Reggio Calabria - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

Good old days

I came to Malta because in this nation there is feeling of a big town in a small city like cosmopolitan people, big company slow life, old traditions and possibility to travel through the city in few minutes.
There are good places to study english like Future Focus. It is close to Italy, isn't expensive and if you don't speak and understand, there isn't problems. Every Maltese citizen looks to speak italian every time. Are you alone? Enjoy Paceville: numerous friends attend to meet you! anyway Maltese people are friendly and human.
In Malta there are many different things but at the same time there are similarities to life in Italy.
These are just some reasons to visit this land.

If you do not know English do not worry. Forget your job, your studies and commitments just come and enjoy yourself and Malta.

Enjoy Malta to rediscover a healthy lifestyle like in the good old days.

Mario S.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Mario S. (POLISTENA - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

Malta' experience

All started when i arrived in Malta from Calabria.
I'm a student and I'm here on a Leonardo Project. I chose Malta for my studies because there is the weather like Calabria, for the sun and for the history.
The course will be organised by the association Future Focus Ltd.; all staff were very hospitable and the accommodation is big and very nice.
I hope that my experience is an opportunity to find a good job.

Ivan S.

Postat de Ivan S. (Catanzaro - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

Study and have to fun in Malta

I have arrived in Malta 2 weeks ago to improve my English, because it is very important to find a job in my field. I am satisfied with the place and accommodation. At Future Focus I found a good welcoming and available persons that gave me a chance to improve my work skills in a good company. I think that is very good place to enjoy and to study English. I can suggest this experience because studying in Malta is very funny.

Ivan Sorrentino

Adrian G.
  • 3 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 3 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Adrian G. (Spain)

în Aprilie 2012 - Spain

My last month

I arrived in Malta on 22th March because I had a meeting at Future Focus on 26th March. In this meeting, Future Focus found me a company to work, and I started to work there. But I stayed in the company one day only because the company told me that they could not speak with me immediately. And now I am studying English here, and I am working with Future Focus before the lessons.

Adrian Guerrero

Carmela U.

Postat de Carmela U. (Rome - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

The Maltese Experience

I came here from Italy for the "Leonardo Project" two weeks ago. It is a project for post graduated people to improve their professional and linguistic knowledge.
For me this project is very important because I would like to specialize in the international law sector. Here in Malta I will be able to work in a big legal international office and for this reason I am very satisfied.
At the end of day I suggest that you discover the Malta experience!

Francesca G.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Francesca G. (Rosarno - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy


I come to Malta, first of all, to learn English; but at the same time, to have a singular experience abroad. Future Focus is our organizer school for our English course and for our internship. Future Focus organizes everything for us; staff is friendly and kind. The accommodation is sufficient: it is too small for 5 people, but it is close to public transport. English course is very well organized, our teacher is very competent and available a lot with us. Finally, I suggest to my friends to come to Malta to improve their English and to have a good experience (' cause weather, 'cause people, 'cause history and culture of Malta.
Francesca Garruzzo

Pullano R.
  • 3 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 3 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Pullano R. (Crotone - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

Rossella in Malta

I am in Malta to learn and to study the English language and to meet new people.
The English course is very good; the staff is friendly and well organized.
The accommodation is small for five person, but it is in very good position it is close to the public transport.
In finally I advice this experience because is very informative.

Sabrina F.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Sabrina F. (Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

My life in Malta

I arrived in Malta to study English and to do a work experience in another Country. I chose Malta because it's near Italy and I have already been there. The Leonardo's experience was organized in Malta by Future Focus Institute, in Floriana. They provided the accommodation and the work placement in a good way. I'm very happy and satisfied about the house, the position and my flatmates. The life is very fast, between the English course and the job but I'm satisfied and I will suggest this experience to my friends. Sabrina

Maria giovanna M.

Postat de Maria giovanna M. (Guardavalle - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

Welcome to Malta

I'm graduated in translation and I needed to improve my English language skills, that is why I chose to come to Malta. Malta is sunny country and Maltese people are really friendly. I attended an English course at Future Focus, a school of English in Floriana. Its staff has always been at our disposal and very kind. They welcomed us with a social gathering, during which we had the chance to get to know to each other better. So, if you want to learn English, come to Future Focus.

Maria Giovanna

Luca V.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Luca V. (Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

the ideal place for learning english

Last week I arrived in Malta with a group of young people from Calabria, Italy. We are here now for two weeks of English course and then we'll have an internship for two months and half. Malta is a good place for studying English: people are smart, the climate is Mediterranean and life is slow. But the Maltese know well Italian too, often if you ask something in English they answer in Italian: this is a really good sign of kindness, but it's not so good for improve your English. Anyway we have a school in Floriana, a nice town close to La Valletta and I want to recommend it because they are very friendly and professional at the same time, they arranged many things for us. I think they are welcoming like the island... Luca

Paolo C.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Paolo C. (Catanzaro - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

Living in Malta

I'm in Malta thanks to the program Leonardo because i won this project in Italy.
In Malta I can study English and improve my skills in economy.
Future Focus is the company which organized my life in Malta,They picked me up at the airport, rented a flat,they found work placement and they organized an English course.The staff of Future Focus is very kind,friendly and all are very nice.The accommodation is only sufficient because was not clean enough.The position is good,the public transport system is very good.English course is very good and my teacher Hector is very friendly and good.He is the best English teacher that i had in my life.
Malta is a nice place ,so i can suggest Future Focus and Malta if you would like to improve your English and enjoy yourself

Maria teresa G.

Postat de Maria teresa G. (ciro' - Italy)

în Aprilie 2012 - Italy

Maltese satisfaction

I arrived in Malta from Calabria (ITALY). in this experience I had the possibility to start an good language course, simply and intensive , organized by FUTURE FOCUS in Floriana.
I met some really interesting people, friendly and hospitable.
My accomodation was very confortable and beautiful.
So the english lessons were good and with an execellet method.
I advise a same travel in Malta because you will find competence, courtesy and more pleasure!!!

Talitha B.

Postat de Talitha B. (Netherlands)

în Aprilie 2012 - Netherlands

Internship in Malta

Hello everybody,

I'm a Dutch student and 20 years old. For my study I had to do an internship and because I wanted to improve my English I decided to go to Malta. I wrote to different English schools and Future Focus was the one that responded quick and clear, that's why I chose for Future Focus. I told them what I needed for my school and the arranged a really nice working place for me.

I also live in a house from Future Focus, it's really nice and it's so much fun to live with students from different country's.
Now I'm here already three months and I really enjoy everything I do. My English in much better because I followed the English lessons, wich are really good and fun. The teacher is really good and patient. When you finish all your lessons you receive a certificat, wich looks really good on your C.V.

Future Focus is easy to find and all the busses are passing it, you only have to walk two minutes! The staff is really nice and if you feel lonely or just want a talk there is always someone to talk to. If you have any problems they will always help you!

So if you want to go to Malta I would recommend Future Focus!

Greatings from sunny Malta.


Noor N.

Postat de Noor N. (Breda - Netherlands)

în Aprilie 2012 - Netherlands


Hi, I'm a dutch student and I have been in Malta for 4,5 months. It was a really nice experience and I improved my English a lot! Thanks to Future Focus

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