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FR Rouen - Franţa

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Tosin F.

Postat de Tosin F.

în Aprilie 2011

It was a great experience

Jose juan G.

Postat de Jose juan G.

în Decembrie 2010

i have been in french in normandy for 2 years an i... Continuare

Nosa F.

Postat de Nosa F.

în August 2010

I've been in rouen and french in nomandy for 2 wee... Continuare


26 bis rue Valmont de Bomare
Cod poştal : 76100
Oraş : Rouen
Ţara : Franţa

Tel : +33 235720863
Fax : +33 235720864
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Tosin F.

Postat de Tosin F. (LAGOS - Nigeria)

în Aprilie 2011 - Nigeria

It was a great experience

Jose juan G.

Postat de Jose juan G. (mexico city - Mexico)

în Decembrie 2010 - Mexico

i have been in french in normandy for 2 years an it has been one of my best experience, the teachers are realy good the learning sistem is good... i have made a lot of friens from all around the world, its a school well located near the town center it has a lot of activities... it has been a realy exelent experience living in france

Nosa F.

Postat de Nosa F. (Nigeria)

în August 2010 - Nigeria

I've been in rouen and french in nomandy for 2 weeks, the city is really beutiful!!! and the tiny group we can have a lot of interaction between ppl from different country, that was fun to learn language, at the same time hear about different ppl

Xuwen T.

Postat de Xuwen T. (Shanghai - China)

în August 2010 - China

I'm studying in French In Normandy now. I just want to say I love it so much! So many different nationalities of the students and so many different kinds of interesting activities!
The host family are lovely. I really enjoy my time here.

Rhiannon R.

Postat de Rhiannon R. (Bangor - United Kingdom)

în August 2010 - United Kingdom

I have just finished a course and it was fantastic!! The teachers are great. Malika and Veronique- the administrative staffs are wonderful and so helpful! This is the best place to learn french!

Alba Z.

Postat de Alba Z. (Madrid - Spain)

în August 2010 - Spain

I stayed in French in Normandy for 2 weeks and it was a wonderful time! The teachers are great, the classes are very small (in my class we were 5 people) and there's a great atmosphere! I stayed in a host family, really nice woman, incredible house, u'll learn a lot! I was just about 20 minutes walking from school, and the school is closed to the city center. The city is also beautiful, i would definetely recomend it!

Susanne B.

Postat de Susanne B. (Germany)

în Martie 2010 - Germany

I really, really liked this school. Everything is just perfect, I had such a wonderful time, and yes, je peux parler francais!!!
I will definitely recommend this place!

Kate W.

Postat de Kate W. (United Kingdom)

în Martie 2010 - United Kingdom

I spent wonderful 3 weeks at French in Normandy - incredibly friendly and helpful staff and very professional teachers! Overall a great experience. And also the city of Rouen is worthwhile staying there a while - very beautiful and many possibilities for young folks to have fun. Highly recommended!

Hanneke D.

Postat de Hanneke D. (Netherlands)

în Februarie 2010 - Netherlands

What a great school! I stayed with French in Normandy for 3 weeks but I wish it was longer. The staff is so helpful, friendly and understanding, the teachers are great fun to be with and very professional at the same time. This created a perfect atmosphere to learn a language in. Additionally, the school offered a big variety of activities, so that there was always something to do. Rouen is just a beautiful city, it's like iI always magined France to be. I hope I'll be able to go back there in summer.

Michael Z.

Postat de Michael Z. (Switzerland)

în Februarie 2010 - Switzerland

Magnifique! Anders kann ich meinen Aufenthalt bei French in Normandy nicht beschreiben. Ohne Vorkenntnisse konnte ich mich schon nach kurzer Zeit verständlich machen. Das lag vor allem an den sehr engagierten Lehrern, die sich die Zeit nahmen, auf die speziellen Bedürfnisse einzugehen. Die freundliche und familiäre Atmosphäre tat ihr Übriges, um mit Freude bei der Sache zu sein und sich schnell zu verbessern.Dazu kam eine sehr freundliche und aufgeschlossene Gastfamilie, die mich zum sprechen ermutigt hat. Ich kann nur sagen: jderer Zeit gerne wieder!

Jin-u K.

Postat de Jin-u K. (South Korea)

în Februarie 2010 - South Korea

I had just a great time with these folks!!! I stayed for 4 months and enjoyed every single moment. I met people from all 5 continents and spent a great time with them. and apart from the fun, I really learned French! Thank you so much for all your support!!! I'll never forget you!!! Merci beaucoup!!!

Jugith S.

Postat de Jugith S. (United Kingdom)

în Februarie 2010 - United Kingdom

Staying with French in Normandy was a very good experience! I could improve a lot due to the fantastic teachers and the great atmosphere at the school. The staff was always friendly and the city is just beautiful, with a few nice places to go to. I can only recommend this school if you want both, a great time and learning a language easily!

Eric S.

Postat de Eric S. (Sweden)

în Decembrie 2009 - Sweden

It has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience to study at French In Normandy! With students from all over the world, highly qualified teachers, very warm and welcoming staff and an amazingly beautiful city I absolutely recommend this school fro learning the French language. Et en plus, I advanced a lot!

Tereza S.

Postat de Tereza S. (Czech Republic)

în Decembrie 2009 - Czech Republic

There are very friendly people, very professional teachers and best opportunity for study French. I'm really happy and the courses are lot of fun!!!

Ignacio R.

Postat de Ignacio R. (Spain)

în Noiembrie 2009 - Spain

A fantastic experience! I advanced a lot because the teachers were adapting the plan to our levels and responded to our needs. Very professional! Also the welcome staff was so friendly and always there for the students. I had a really nice guest fanily who made me feel like a real member of them. And I also got to know French people with who I could practice what I have learned. I highly recommend this school!

Anna P.

Postat de Anna P. (Russia)

în Noiembrie 2009 - Russia

For me it was fantastic experience and hopefully can go back next year. Everybody was so friendly, I learned much and students come from everywhere in world. I made very good friends with many people. City is so beautiful and region Normandie too. I liked Mt St Michel very much. Merci beaucoup for making such great time for me!!!

Giacomo M.

Postat de Giacomo M. (Italy)

în Noiembrie 2009 - Italy

I was there 2 weeks in September and I loved it! The teachers helped a lot when I had problems to understand and then it was really easy for me to follow. It was always very funny and the other people working there were always nice and friendly. We had a great time and we did trips to other places in the region. Very, very beautiful! I had a wonderful experience and I will only go back theret to continue to learn French.

Karsten L.

Postat de Karsten L. (Germany)

în Noiembrie 2009 - Germany

I spent 3 weeks here and it was amazing, everything! The teachers were very professional and yet supportive, friendly and funny so that I could make a real progress. The small class size (hardly more than 6 students) also helped a lot. The other staff was just wonderful and did what they could to make the students feel like home.
The guest family I stayed with made feel like their own son. In addition, the school offered lots of weekend and afternoon trips and activities to get a fantastic impression of the real France! I can't think of any better place to learn French and have a great time!

Freddy L.

Postat de Freddy L. (Germany)

în Octombrie 2009 - Germany

I studied at French In Normandy for about 2 months this summer (2009). I was quite surprised by how quickly I advanced. Arriving there with nearly no knowledge of the language I was able to participate in several conversations with native speakers at the end of my stay.

The school is well equipped and very clean. The teachers knew very well how to deal with the diversity of students and everyone was treated according to their level. It was a great and helpful atmosphere at the school.

I absolutely recommend this school as a very professional yet friendly address for learning the language.

John D.

Postat de John D. (Sydney - Australia)

în Aprilie 2009 - Australia

I studied for 4 weeks at FIN after a friend of mine who has studied there a year previous recommended it to me.

Having turned up in Rouen, with very little French, I left with a good grasp of conversation (which was my main target), and much improved writing and reading.

The school looked newly renovated - very clean and bright.

The teachers were very approachable and helpful, and the diverse nationalities of students made it a very pleasant atmosphere to study in.

Probably the most impressive thing about the school is the location. With Rouen so close to Paris (but without the high prices, crowded streets, and loads of tourists), it was an easy day or weekend trip.

Highly recommend this school, and hope to return the next time I have 4 weeks spare time !!

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