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GB Cambridge - Marea Britanie

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Luana M.

Postat de Luana M.

în August 2013

My experience in EC Cambridge was one of the best ... Continuare

Max E.

Postat de Max E.

în Iulie 2013

The best time of my life!

I studied at EC Cambridge for 7 month and the only... Continuare

Valeria G.

Postat de Valeria G.

în Iunie 2013


The first time I went to EC Cambridge was last Jun... Continuare


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Luana M.

Postat de Luana M. (Geneva - Switzerland)

în August 2013 - Switzerland

My experience in EC Cambridge was one of the best experiences of my life. Everything has been great, teachers , courses, and I even managed to pass the FCE. I was living in a student house , which was nice but would be better if it was a little less expensive considering the quality of the interior fittings. But overall I highly recommend it to anyone who wants an unforgettable experience to get to EC Cambridge .

Max E.

Postat de Max E. (Cologne - Germany)

în Iulie 2013 - Germany

The best time of my life!

I studied at EC Cambridge for 7 month and the only thing I can tell you guys is that this place is absolutely amazing. Not only is Cambridge an absolute beautiful place to live with its old colleges, parks, nighclubs and proximity to London but also because of the hundreds of friends from all over the world you meet and make, which makes Cambridge one of the best places to live. Trust me, you will be having one of the best time of your life!
The EC staff are very helpful & friendly. Regardless which issues you have (if any!) they all do there best that YOU enjoy your time in Cambridge. Interested in Musicals in London on a Wednesday evening? Or in a two days tour to Edinburgh? Just go to Mike (this guy is awesome!) and book it^^.
But what about the teaching? The quality of the teaching is very high standard. I had the strong impression that all of our teachers made a huge effort in order to push us (me & my classmates) onto the next English level.
If I would recommend EC Cambridge? Definitely! :-)

Valeria G.

Postat de Valeria G. (Italy)

în Iunie 2013 - Italy


The first time I went to EC Cambridge was last June when I attended the IELTS class.
The teachers were extremely great, therefor I’ve decided to study at EC also for the CPE.
At EC you can meet lots of students from all over the world, which helps you in expanding your knowledge.
Moreover, the city is lovely and offers a lot of attractions, like punting on the river, museums…and if you are a night owl, you might enjoy several pubs as well!

Meen C.

Postat de Meen C. (Ayutthaya - Thailand)

în Mai 2011 - Thailand

EC Cambridge is a great school for studying English. The teachers are absolutely excellent and the staff are really friendly. Also, the city is very beautiful place and there are a lot of places you can visit. It's a good experience to study English at EC Cambridge.

Hyeonju S.

Postat de Hyeonju S. (Cheoungju - South Korea)

în Mai 2011 - South Korea

I think Cambridge is perfect place to study English because there are quite and many college.

Marie-laure V.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Marie-laure V. (France)

în Martie 2011 - France

Je suis partie pour mon deuxième sejour linguistique à Cambridge avec EC, car il offrait le meilleur tarif pour une prestation semblable à d'autres organisme.
La ville est très sympa,il y a beaucoup de parcs et un centre commercial sympa, ou l'on peut aller pendant le temps libre. La résidence de Jesus college était super, il s'agissait en fait de loger dans des petites maisons avec d'autres personnes et un "leader" qui est generallement un prof ou un membre du staff, je consaielle cette ville car elle est parfait pour un premier sejour et sa taille est parfaite

Ashkan A.

Postat de Ashkan A. (esfahan - Iran)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Iran

Dont dont stop reading,mine is different.Its not one of those boring ones with lovely,positive stuff in it. Oh my god I love Cambridge,wow,its a fabulous,memorabale city no,no,no,
Its a good city indeed,however,tehere are negetive sides too,such as:non-scheduled buses , there are always late.always.Or not having a single standard cinema.
Although,if you came here to study,its the best place you could ever find.And dont forget important peoplae came from this city,people who changed the world people like you.

Humberto S.

Postat de Humberto S. (Bogota - Colombia)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Colombia

Hi! Im Humberto, Im from Colombia, I have been in EC for tow weeks and I think its amazing, you can meet people from all over the world, and the teachers are good too. The city is a very nice place, there are a lot of pubs, historical buildings, museums and night clubs. Definitely Cambridge is the best option, you will enjoy it

Ana carolina T.

Postat de Ana carolina T. (Campos do Jordao - Brazil)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Brazil

Living in Cambridge is a fantastic experience! The city is lovely and, wherever you go, you can find people from all the world.
EC Cambridge is a great school, the teachers and the staff are so friendly.
Unfortunately I'm going to spend just one mounth here, but I plan to come back for one year.

Camila O.

Postat de Camila O. (Florianopolis - Brazil)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Brazil

This is my first time in Cambridge and I like it so much that I don't want to go back home! It is a lovely and beautiful city with lots of things to do. EC school is a very nice place to study, with great teachers and staff that make you feel very welcome. I hope I'll come back here soon.

Andre A.

Postat de Andre A. (florianopolis - Brazil)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Brazil

my name is Andre, im from Brazil and im having a great time at EC Cambridge.I would recommend it to everybody!All the teachers and the students are very kind and helpful.The city is very beaultiful, has a lot of places to visit during the day and at night the city has many pubs and night clubs..

Sae ssak C.

Postat de Sae ssak C. (Seoul - South Korea)

în Ianuarie 2011 - South Korea

It is a good experience.
Actually, I have been studying English 1 month at EC School. It is the best place to learn English. There are a lots International friends. Additonally, a quite and a lots of colleges. You should go to Cambridge EC in order to learn English.

Yesun C.

Postat de Yesun C. (Chungcheongnamdo - South Korea)

în Ianuarie 2011 - South Korea

I think Cambridge is a perfect place to learn English. This is very quiet place and many students are here.
Cambridge is not big place. I like it because I can see well known places in cambridge in a day. Historical buildings are fantastic
and I feel intellectual atmosphere.

Joao C.

Postat de Joao C. (Sorocaba - Brazil)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Brazil

my stay in Cambridge is a very good and different experience, I`ve been here 2 weeks and have improved my english so much, I also can say the Cambridge is an amazing and magic place with a lot of cuture... I`ve met many friends from different countries and some from England! sure will be a memorable experience, for all my life!

Baris D.

Postat de Baris D. (cambridge - Turkey)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Turkey

when I came to Cambridge I was effected because it is quiet palace,people are friendly,also there are a lot of historical and touristic places..I liked it.In my first day:I and new students and of course with our teacher visited its important and historical places..for example we went to churc,Cambridge university,East Regal...It was very amazing..

Paula M.

Postat de Paula M. (Colombia)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Colombia

I arrived in Cambridge 1 month ago, and I have enjoyed this city with my new friends.

Apisiree K.

Postat de Apisiree K. (bangkok - Thailand)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Thailand

Its was very good experience for me to come to learn English at EC school cambridge.

Paloma M.

Postat de Paloma M. (Manaus - Brazil)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Brazil

Well, I just arrived in Cambridge. It's very different from my city Manaus... I liked the parks here. I liked the school too, even if I just have some classes, today is my second day. I want to go to the museums.

Sebastian K.

Postat de Sebastian K. (Basel - Switzerland)

în Ianuarie 2011 - Switzerland

Hey there, I wanna wish all of the Students and of course to all of the Stuff Members a happy new year and I think that I will meet you in the following summer again, for a couple of days.
I've written down my statement for a couple of months but... anyway... I wanna say that EC Cambridge and their Stuff are very good to improve your english skills. They are glad if they can help (big smile too Tancred :D). Cambrdige is a perfect place if you wanna enjoy culture and punting, or whatever you like :D.
Well... why waiting? Fill in the formular, sign it and enjoy the days in Cambridge.
P.s. Hire a bike, cause you never know how often the buses make their rides :)

Marianne R.

Postat de Marianne R. (Zweisimmen - Switzerland)

în Octombrie 2010 - Switzerland

It is my first time in England and it is also my first language course in a other country. At the beginning I was a little bit afraid because I did not know anybody in Cambridge. The welcoming dinner was very helpful to make new friends. Cambridge is a very lovely town!

I like my FCE class and I learn a lot. The teachers are friendly and motivated.

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