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GB Brighton - Marea Britanie

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  • 4.7313 Star Rating: Recommended
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Andrea B.

Postat de Andrea B.

în Martie 2016

Unforgettable Time

I stayed ten weeks in Brighton and visited the CAE... Continuare

Ilona P.

Postat de Ilona P.

în Octombrie 2013

Success and happiness

My four-week stay at EC Brighton was a wonderful e... Continuare

Mikhail G.

Postat de Mikhail G.

în Septembrie 2013


I have been at EC English school in Brighton for t... Continuare


Dolphin Place
Manchester Street
Cod poştal : BN2
Oraş : Brighton
Ţara : Marea Britanie

Tel : +356 23790575
Fax : +356 1273674775
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Andrea B.

Postat de Andrea B. (Switzerland)

în Martie 2016 - Switzerland

Unforgettable Time

I stayed ten weeks in Brighton and visited the CAE exam course. The lessons were always fun and I think my English has improved a lot. I met so many friendly people and experienced unforgettable moments. It was just a great time!

Ilona P.

Postat de Ilona P. (Bayerisch Gmain - Germany)

în Octombrie 2013 - Germany

Success and happiness

My four-week stay at EC Brighton was a wonderful experience for me. I did not expect that I could make friends with so many young people. We had fun in class, but we also learned a lot. I would like so much to come back next year.

Mikhail G.

Postat de Mikhail G. (Rostov-on-Don - Russia)

în Septembrie 2013 - Russia


I have been at EC English school in Brighton for two weeks, and everything was fantastic. Comfortable residence, friendly atmosphere at lessons, opportunities not only to study language but also relax and have a good time - all that is EC Brighton. I recommend this school to everyone who wants to know more English!

Solen S.

Postat de Solen S. (Ankara - Turkey)

în August 2013 - Turkey

The Best Experience I have ever had!

I always felt at home in Brighton. My friends and my teachers were amazing ! My teachers, Alexis Somerville and ED, were always friendly, understanding and funny ! I will never forget them! Thanks for everything EC staff and my friends ! i will miss everything about EC !

Matheus F.

Postat de Matheus F. (Rottingdean - )

în August 2013


I've been here for six month and I learned so much about English language and culture.
When I arrived I was very shy, but I have become a lot more confident and talkative during my time at EC School.
The teachers are very friendly and supported me to improve my English. The lessons are very interesting and the the school is very well organised!
I highly recommend this language school.

Iza A.

Postat de Iza A. (Toulouse - France)

în August 2013 - France

2 weeks at EC School in Brighton

I went to Brighton on july this year (8--> 19) : what a very good experience for me. I'm teacher in France and I work in primary school where I teach english to young (et sometimes very young) pupils. At EC I worked about improving my level in English (grammar, lexical, phrasal-verbs, etc.) and also about "how teaching English to young children" (pedagogy).
That's for all I learnt...
Isabelle, Toulouse

Leandra L.

Postat de Leandra L. (São Luís - Brazil)

în Iulie 2013 - Brazil

Leandra M. Lima

I have been in EC School for 6 weeks. I really loved it. At EC I could improve my English with very nice teachers. I met people from different countries and I made special friends. I never will forget this absolutely wonderful time in my life. I miss EC so much and I wish get back to Brigthon soon as possible.

Juan M.

Postat de Juan M. (Brighton - )

în Iulie 2013

Juan Jose Moreno

This is the best experience in my life because, everyday i improve my english, learn about different cultures, enjoy and share with people from different countries. Ec has given me many opportunities to learn english and enjoy my free time (conversation club, lecture & film, pronunciation class, pub night, sports and traveling with the tours that they offers us). I invite everyone to come to EC for living this unforgettable experience.

Emre A.

Postat de Emre A. (Mersin - Turkey)

în Iulie 2013 - Turkey

EC Brighton has enchanted me with its wonderful pulse and setting. It’s paradise just across a sea. The people here are so nice, and the city itself is just so welcoming I think! Everybody is always talking about the ”American dream”. I would actually say the ”English dream”.

I spend almost 1 month with them and i have 4 weeks more. I have enjoyed every minute! It is an amazing time with them and they are making things so much easier. I really wanna say THANK YOU to all of you.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am. To experience a new culture, to meet new friends, improve my language skills – and most importantly, to enjoy life.
We are trying to do everything possible to make the most of it, exploring English, see new places, meet new people …

The teachers are lovely and the methods they use are much more efficient and better than anything else I have experienced.

I will miss EC Brighton...

Laura K.

Postat de Laura K. (Bogota - Colombia)

în Iulie 2013 - Colombia

EC, My greatest cup of tea!

Once upon a time, I found myself arriving in EC...hardly understanding fellow class mates and teachers, with an 'elementary' English level and using sign language during the very first days; even with all these difficulties, this made the most amazing summer I have ever had. I did not only improve my English skills from elementary to IELTS level but I also had to opportunity to meet so many great people from around the globe and created a deep bonding with my hostfamily, which, even years later I don't seem able to forget.

I was there for 8 months, YES! EIGHT!! I saw many people coming and going. Had many sad good byes but with some of them I have kept in touch and have met even years later in different countries to remember those great Brighton times.

When it comes to my English level, I can say I'm pleasently surprised! This was definetely the most effective way to learn since you are there, having to listen, having to speak and there is not enough 'theory' in the world that could surpass this!!

In overall, who ever is thinking to join EC, be prepared for the amount of fun, the amount of experiences, the amount of new friends that you are going to make and the amount of rewarding hours you are going to spend learning!

Laura K.

Abdallah A.

Postat de Abdallah A. (Al Qatif - )

în Iulie 2013

The best summer ever!

If you want to learn English and have fun than EC Brighton is the school for you! You can make friends easily during classes and in the many fun activities. The EC staff are really helpful and they will make sure that you will make the most out of your visit. EC Brighton will always have a special place in my heart <3

Beatriz M.

Postat de Beatriz M. (Ceuta - Spain)

în Mai 2011 - Spain

For me it was a great experience, I met very nice teachers and the best reception. I recommend to everybody to come to EC school Brighton.

Serdal E.

Postat de Serdal E. (Turkey)

în Mai 2011 - Turkey

I really enjoyed every moment of my time in EC Brighton. Excellent teachers, good learning atmosphere and magnificant friends. Thanks for everything

Samantha P.

Postat de Samantha P. (Portugal)

în Mai 2011 - Portugal

The experience is wondeful not only the place but EC environtment and structure are pretty good. I recommend it for all

Gulgun D.

Postat de Gulgun D. (Switzerland)

în Mai 2011 - Switzerland

At first everything is strange because you don't know the people and the place but after a few weeks you'll enjoy the time. My english is better than before specially my speaking. I've got more confidence now. But the most important thing is that you are speaking English all the time

Charles D.

Postat de Charles D. (France)

în Mai 2011 - France

EC Brighton was a gratest experience .the teachers are very friendly and interesting. I met a lot of different cultures and I made a lot of friends.

Ana maria C.

Postat de Ana maria C. (Colombia)

în Aprilie 2011 - Colombia

In general the school and the lessons are good,yo enjoy some activities.Also you learn about differents cultures from your classmates and friends. It's a great experience.

Manuel A.

Postat de Manuel A. (Murcia - Spain)

în Aprilie 2011 - Spain

In my opinion EC school is the best way for learn English, the teachers and staff are very proffesional and friendly. This is one of the best experience of my life.

Victor U.

Postat de Victor U. (Brazil)

în Aprilie 2011 - Brazil

Very good people in the school,very good teachers and wonderful environtment

Marie-laure V.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Postat de Marie-laure V. (France)

în Martie 2011 - France

Je me suis rendu à Brighton pour mon 4ème sejour linguistique ! (et oui, on y devient addict !). J'encourage tout les jeunes qui ont la possibilité de voyager d'y aller sans hésitation (avec peut-etre un ami pour la 1ere fois). Brighton a été une super experience et une ville agréable par contre la résidence est un peu éloignée du centre ville et de l'école, du coup, on passe beaucoup de temps dans les transports en commun. Sinon le Brighton Pier et très agréable

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